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A Level Resource and Background Work

Below are a selection of resources and links for possible work you may wish to look at before you start your A level / BTEC courses in September. A number of subjects have also got documents suggested which you will find at the bottom of this page. All subjects for y12 are listed alphabetically and will hopefully give you an idea of what the courses you have chosen to study next year will be like. 


Work through the Transition Journal Pdf in attached documents at the bottom of this web page.


Download the free kindle book for students and attached documents:

See attached Pdf document booklet at the bottom of this web page, preparing for Business Studies in 6th Form


Look at attached transition guide from AQA - it takes students through required topics from GCSE with some practice questions. Also, the link below is the AQA chemistry guidance on useful websites for students.

Computer Science

1. - Have a go at making a game on this website. They are get more difficult as you move on but it would be good if you could keep using Python.

2. - This covers most of the topics on the course if you want to look through. Some of it is repeated from GCSE but it then goes into a bit more detail.

3. This website is more detailed. If you want to look at it but it covers everything.

​4. See attached Pdf exam papers for AS and A2, they are located at the bottom of this web page. The AS papers you could do some of it already. Have a look! A2 shows what you need to learn. H446 is A2 and H046 is AS.

5. The assessment is attached also. You complete the A2 papers, 01 and 02 which are worth 40% and coursework is 20%.


See Dance Pdf documents at the bottom of this web page below

Design Technology

Use GCSE revision guides and workbooks all of the content is relevant to the A'level course. It is also worth them using this link to view the content that needs to be learned:

Under Subject Content there are links to 1.Technical principles and 2. Designing and making principles which are worth clicking on and reading through. This highlights the knowledge that needs to be learnt. Then use

The sections are intended to provide a valuable Engineering , Design and Technology resource for all AND they are free. If you are studying Enginering, Design and Technology or both, this site will be useful. Remember, Design and Technology AND Engineering are the most important subjects of all.

Use as a text book to read around these principles and grow background knowledge that would be excellent.

Drama and Theatre Studies

All students can access fantastic theatre content and published essays, interviews etc through digital theatre plus.  Great for English and Drama students:

Username: Password: Students123

Also for anyone wanted to exercise their creativity generally and do practical tasks at home: ​​​​​​

Specifically for Drama students:

English Language

See attached Pdf documents at the bottom of this web page to work through

English Literature

Read 3 books from the list on the attached Pdf document (or other books by the same author) over the summer and write down reviews/ responses to those books. Also log in to:

Username:, Password: Students123

On this watch a version of 'Othello' - there are a few. Or find a DVD/online version of the Oliver Parker( Director) and Laurence Fishburne (Othello) one and watch this. Othello is the text we will start with in September.


Start using the French AS textbooks you can access from the Kerboodle website. French:   AS book p139 onwards- For each section, take notes in your book that you can refer to along the course. See also French film and TV list on Pdf transition work documents attached


See reading list for Y11 Geography at the bottom of this web page


For the British side of the course have a look at:

For the USA side of the course have a look at: - from Chapter 34 onwards end of Civil War / Reconstruction


Work will be communicated, set and help offered by maths staff on a weekly basis through Mathswatch and Microsoft Teams.  Please monitor emails and Microsoft Teams for updates from mr Lunnun and Mr Wright and complete the weekly Mathswatch tasks if you want to.  Students can also access the L2 Further Maths Textbook.


See attached Pdf document Physical Education Flying Start at the bottom of this web page


For Physics, it is essential that students start with a sound recall of the GCSE content.  In particular, the equations that they should have learnt.  They can be found at:

 In addition, look at this resource:

It provides a nicely balanced variety of activities.


Have a go at the Selfie Project on:

A short 40 second video by Justin Quinnell

A (far better) video by Di Stoppard in NZ (for those in the Northern hemisphere, find a window pointing North- ish!)

Amazing room projections by Abelardo Morell (The master at this sort of thing).


Have a look at the weekly quiz or Prime Ministers and Elections section on tutor2u site below: ​​​​​​​

Explore the UK Parliament website on: ​​​​​​​

Keep up to date with current UK political developments on: ​​​​​​​

Read a quality newspaper / online such as The Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent

Psychology is a brilliant website with masses of information for Psychology A Level. is also useful and nice and basic.

It would be great if students could research the following in order:

The history of psychology including Wilhelm Wundt and his work. Psychodynamic Approach, Behaviourist Approach, Social Learning Theory, Cognitive Approach, Biological Approach, Humanistic Approach

Also see Pdf programme of study for students to read first as it is really useful.  Students can also research anything in the programme of study they are particularly interested in

Religious Studies

See Pdf document background list and course overview Academic Reading: The Puzzle of God by Peter Vardy, The Puzzle of Ethics by Peter Vardy, Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction by Damien Keown​​​​​​​ all at the bottom of this web page

Reading for enjoyment: Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder, Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, Any book by the Dalai Lama, Any book by Thich Nhat Hahn, Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Philosophical Films: Life of Pi, Inception, The Truman Show, The Adjustment Bureau, The Matrix, Netflix “The Good Place” series, Channel 4 “Humans” series. 


See Pdf document for reading list and intro work, See also Pdf for course overview at the bottom of this web page


Start using the Spanish AS textbooks you can access from the Kerboodle website. ​​​​​​​    AS book p142 onwards- For each section, take notes in your book that you can refer to along the course.