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The King's School

The King's School Founded 1545

Achievement for All

Leadership and Responsibility

Developing leadership skills is central to our culture at King’s. We encourage students to take responsibility in a wide range of areas both formally and informally. Leadership skills are taught and developed explicitly and implicitly during lessons, tutor time and as part of extra curricular activities.

Formal leadership opportunities include:

Democratically elected representatives:

Students have the opportunity to put themselves forward for election as a Form Rep to sit on the House Councils which, in turn, feed into the School Parliament which acts to represent the views of students. Each House elects representatives for the School Parliament and this includes lower and upper school reps as well as 6th Form reps. The Parliament elects leaders and it is their job to represent students by speaking at staff meetings and through the Governors. The School Parliament also discusses and selects the charities that the school supports during the course of the school year. Every year the school raises thousands of pounds for a variety of charities through a range of fundraising activities.


Each year we invite applications for prefects in Years 11 and 13. Students have to write a letter of application before a shortlist is drawn up and candidates are interviewed. In addition through the interview process a Head Boy and Head Girl are appointed in both Year 11 and Year 13. The prefects represent the school in a range of different situations and are expected to be outstanding role models for other students.

Leadership Courses

We currently run accredited leadership courses around the school. These include:

  • Sports Leaders
  • Literacy Leaders
  • Maths Leaders
  • Language Leaders
  • House Leaders

These awards are designed to be practical and hands on with written tasks to help structure ideas. The course helps develop student's essential qualities as a leader including those of confidence, responsibility, dedication, tolerance and respect for others.

House Event Leaders

There are a plethora of opportunities for students to lead in different house events. House dance, drama and music are all events that are run by the students for the students with only staff supervision. Many students are therefore able to step up and take vital leadership roles in planning and rehearsing for these major events.

House sports teams are also organised by students and there are opportunities for students from years 7 to 13 to take on these roles.

A Selection of Other Leadership Opportunities

The Teen Health Group – students can apply to join this group which discuses and promotes isues around health and wellbeing. They are extremely active in highlighting key issues around health to students at the school and run a number of events and activities.

Respect Group – this group meets to discuss issues around equal opportunities. Recently the group won a national award for their efforts from the Just Like Us charity. They organise a Diversity Week during the school year.

Sports Council – this group is a vehicle for student voice around issues to do with sport and PE. They discuss key issues and organise events for students to participate in. In particular they arrange a number of events during National School Sports Week.

Mental Health Leaders – this group of 6th Form Students discuss issues around mental health and help to promote positive nmental health within the school.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – this group includes students from across the school who promote an anti-bullying agenda within the school.

The Green Team - this group exists to examine and improve the school environment and to reduce our carbon footprint. Students joining the Green Team meet on a weekly basis and lead other students in a range of initiatives.