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The King's School Founded 1545

Achievement for All


 Mr A Barratt
Head of Maths

The Mathematics department at The King’s School strives to provide a varied and, above all, enjoyable experience for our students. This is achieved by teaching well-structured, stimulating and focused lessons. All staff are subject specialists, and we are all hugely passionate about teaching our wonderful subject across the age and ability range.

Students overwhelmingly enjoy mathematics at The King’s School and often consider it their favourite subject. Students are set into one of 4 sets early in Year 7, with lower sets supported by smaller class sizes and additional TA support, and higher sets consistently pushed to achieve the highest levels of mathematical confidence and proficiency. Individual progress is reviewed thoroughly and regularly to ensure that all students are best placed to maximise their progress. Ample opportunity is given to students to prepare for assessments independently, and regular marking ensures that all students know what to do to improve and are thereafter given the means to do so. 

KS 3

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 is primarily skills focused, with exposure to problem solving increased through each year and key stage.  Most homework is either set on the excellent website MathsWatch or from our “Toticity” resources (links below). All students are provided with a workbook (with answers) early in Year 7 to support individual learning throughout years 7 to 9.


Mathswatch link

KS 4

At key stage 4 we have created our own scheme of work which covers all required content both thoroughly and in good time, with regular assessments built in to track progress throughout the course.  As is the case lower down the school, MathsWatch is used extensively to support independent learning, which is further supplemented by regular written homework tasks.  Outcomes at Key Stage 4 are well above the national average, with large numbers of students then opting to continue to study both mathematics and further mathematics at A Level.

Course summary (Edexcel):

  • Paper 1 – Non-Calculator (Exam 90 minutes; 80 marks)
  • Paper 2 – Calculator (Exam 90 minutes; 80 marks)
  • Paper 3 – Calculator (Exam 90 minutes; 80 marks)

Higher tier (grades 3-9)

Grade boundaries are approximately 40/240 for a grade 4 (standard pass), 80/240 for a grade 5 (strong pass), 120/240 for a grade 7, and 190/240 for a grade 9. (Figures based on Summer 2017 grade boundaries).

Foundation tier (grades 1-5)

Grade boundaries are approximately 30/240 for a grade 1120/240 for a grade 4 (standard pass), and 150/240 for a grade 5 (strong pass).


Mathswatch link

KS 5

The department has a particularly strong reputation at Key Stage 5, with high uptake and excellent results in both mathematics and further mathematics A Levels for many years.  The department is incredibly supportive of students studying mathematics at this level, and we always receive the best possible feedback from the students themselves in terms of teaching, course structure and the support we offer.

Mathematics course summary (Edexcel):

  • Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics 1
  • Paper 2 – Pure Mathematics 2
  • Paper 3 – Statistics and Mechanics

Further Mathematics course summary (Edexcel):

  • Paper 1 – Core Pure Mathematics 1
  • Paper 2 – Core Pure Mathematics 2
  • Paper 3 – Further Pure Mathematics 1
  • Paper 4 – Further Mechanics 1