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The King's School

The King's School Founded 1545

Achievement for All

Our Purpose, Vision, and Values


The King’s School Purpose

“Achievement for All”

Our fundamental purpose is to inspire every young person to achieve their best possible academic and personal outcomes within a highly supportive and challenging school community.


The King’s School Vision

We will work with young people in our community to raise their aspirations and achievement. With our success rooted in The King’s School’s rich history, we will respond to the present and look to the future. We place all young people at the heart of our decision-making, ensuring everyone has access to excellence in teaching and learning with a rich curriculum tailored to meet their needs and aspirations. We embrace diversity, respect difference and celebrate the unique characters of our individual students and staff. We use the depth that comes from our diversity to build on the culture of high achievement in our school. 



A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community.



By achievement we mean that everyone

• produces work to their highest capability

• sets high standards and personal goals for improvement and lifelong learning

• makes best use of their talents, time, and resources

• takes pride in their own achievements and the achievements of others



By creativity we mean that everyone

• is critically aware, imaginative and adaptable

• can work both independently and as part of a team to problem solve

• has the ability to be inventive and enterprising



By integrity we mean that everyone

• shows the courage to do what is right

• makes decisions that reflects who they are and what they believe, helping them gain the trust of peers

• keeps their promises and fulfils their commitment

• assesses the impact of their own actions and what this means for others



By respect we mean that everyone

• values every member of the school community

• displays good manners at all times

• displays acceptance of those with different points of view and beliefs

• shows respect for school buildings, facilities and surrounding environment



By resilience we mean that everyone

• is well equipped through engagement, opportunity, and academic success to withstand adversity, shock, or disadvantage

• develops the ability to ‘bounce back’

• is better equipped to achieve well, cope with change, and develop healthy behaviour