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Work Experience

Information for Parents / Carers

In Years 10 and 12 students undertake a week of work experience during Project Week.  Work experience is a vital introduction to the world of work for students, and has many benefits.  Whilst work experience can act as a future career taster, any experience that leads to an increase in employability skills for a student is worthwhile.
Finding a placement can seem daunting at first, but it is an important process that students do need to go through themselves – supported at home and in school.  Our Guide to Work Experience for Parents / Guardians should provide you with all the information you need to support your child with this process, and sets out the support that they can expect from us at school (see link below).  The King’s School Work Experience Database can also help to provide inspiration (see below).

For a good source of generic information about Work Experience, see the relevant pages on the Success At School website.

Success At School
Note: the student’s placement is not confirmed until the school has received a completed Work Experience Form.  

Key points to consider when choosing a placement

  • Placements in popular settings (law, veterinary, I.T., music, theatre, museums etc.) fill very quickly.  Therefore we advise students to contact prospective employers sooner rather than later.
  • Travel: students will have to make their own travel arrangements, so please ensure they can get to the placement.
  • Insurance: students may only undertake work experience with employers who have the appropriate insurance cover (Public Liability Insurance & Employers’ Liability Insurance).
  • High Risk Placements outside Devon, that require a site visit: our work experience Health and Safety Coordinator will contact all high-risk placements by phone, to discuss the placement.  If a site visit is necessary, and if the placement is outside Devon, then you will be asked to contribute £30 towards the additional costs of arranging this check by an external provider.

The 2018 Work Experience Forms

Work experience forms are available from the Careers Library, or you can download them below. Please note: without the correctly completed forms and the subsequent health and safety approval granted by our Health and Safety Officer, we will be unable to allow your child out of school and they will be required to attend school as normal during that week.

The King's School Work Experience Database

The WEXP Database contains the organisation name and address, and the industry, of work experience placements that have occurred since July 2015.  An organisation's inclusion on this database is not a guarantee that they will take a work experience student, it just means that they have done so in the past. The purpose of the database is not a repository from which to select a placement, but rather it is to inspire students as to the types of placements that exist and the wealth of different opportunities.
Students will need their school user name and log in to access the database. 

Kings School work experience database

Information for Employers

Firstly, thank you for considering or accepting one of our students for Work Experience.  We believe that Work Experience is invaluable for our students, and without the support of the Employers we would not be able to run this scheme. 

We are required to ensure that all placements have both Public and Employers Liability Insurance, in line with the advice on Work Experience Insurance provided by the Association of British Insurers.  If you do not possess one or other of these insurances, please contact the school to discuss this.

With regard to the Health and Safety of students on work experience: we adhere to the principles set out by the Health and Safety Executive, and believe that the effectiveness of the employer’s risk management arrangements is what matters.  We appreciate that Employers should already be managing the risks in their workplaces and are best placed to assess whether or not they need to do anything additional for a new young person joining them.

Our role is purely to ask sensible questions, in proportion to the level of risk, to satisfy ourselves that those arrangements are in place.  We will also assist employers to identify risks that are specific to young people (who are generally less experienced and may lack maturity) particularly if the employer does not normally employ young people.  

We have endeavoured to keep paperwork and bureaucracy to a minimum.  Please do contact the School if you would like to discuss this.   

Thank you once more for your assistance.